Monday, August 9, 2010


cooking. That's basically what they are doing to my skull through XRT, or X-ray Therapy (radiation). First they made a 3-D mask of my face and they use that to strap me down and zap me. It's pretty quick, one minute on each side of my head. I'm scheduled for 15 total radiation treatments. Tomorrow I get to see my Dr. and hopefully she'll tell me it's working. As for where the mass is actually located, picture the bone in your skull that is where your nasal cavity is. It's this bone that your brain rests on. It is also where the optic nerves pass through which is why I'm having double/blurry vision. It's not too bad, I obviously can see the computer and I can still read my books. The trouble is outside in bright light and if there are distractions. I can't drive is the main thing. I'm super lucky to have a retired father who is now my full time chauffeur. It's hard to lose some of my independence but I know in time I'll be able to do for myself again.

Tomorrow is my appointment with my Oncologist. That is when I find out the result of the biopsy they took in the hospital and the rest of the treatment I will have to undertake, chemo and possibly hormone therapy, whatever it takes. I know it's going to be a long road, anything worth doing takes time.

Other than cooking my skull, I need to learn how to cook for myself better. It can be difficult to cook for one, the stores just don't sell alot of individual portions and I find it easier to order out. But when I get home, thanks to my parents, I have a nice clean kitchen to start with and I'm going to make the effort. I'm eating well at Mom and Dad's and I don't want that to end :)


  1. Hi Amy,
    I am a Minneapolis friend of John and Janet's - I met you briefly at their wedding.
    I was very sorry to hear about your diagnosis. If John hasn't told you already, there are 2 really good websites with message boards where you can find other women going through breast cancer treatment, there are even specific boards dealing with metastasis - I went through treatment for stage III breast cancer 2 years ago, and the boards on these sites were so helpful practically as well as emotionally.
    they are (women 40'ish and under)
    and (women of all ages) - just locate the discussion boards on each and you can read without even having to post - I found that for most of the questions I had, someone else had already asked (and answered) the same question.
    If you are going to be getting the standard breast cancer chemo drugs - adriamycin / cytoxan / taxotere or taxol, those boards also have great "help me get through treatment" sections.
    I am happy to help you figure out how to minimize side effects also, feel free to call me anytime - John and Janet should have my home number. I really mean it, if you want to talk, please call me. I was not diagnosed as having mets so I did not have the experience you will, but I am a good listener at the very least. :)
    Finally, if no dr. has offered you a prescription for ativan, ask for it NOW - it is an anti-nausea drug they give during chemo, but most importantly, it is an anti-anxiety drug that really helps you get a good night's sleep.

    Linda B

  2. Amy,
    If you need cooking ideas, please feel free to call, email or facebook me anytime!
    I'm really proud of you!!

  3. Hey Amy,

    As a single parent for many years...what I used to do is cook a regular size or even a double portion...have a container ready and freeze the portions. That way on night I was too tired to cook or way to swamped I had something very easy to thaw.

    Hang in there...I'm cheerin ya on :)

    PS...I have some really easy and fast recipes (I'm not a great cook...but even I can make these and they are tasty)...let me know if you would like me to send ya some.